The UIT Natural Language Processing Group is a scientific research group on Natural Language Processing and Computational Linguistics. Members in our group are lecturers, undergraduate and postgraduate students from Vietnam National University- Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM).

Our ambition is to teach computers to process and understand human languages, especially Vietnamese and English. To this end, we conduct research on human-language-processing mechanisms based on the foundations of linguistic and machine learning theories. In particular, we conduct research on the fundamental theories of computational linguistics such as syntactic and semantic parsing techniques, as well as NLP applications: text analysis, writing assistance, sentiment analysis, and question answering.

We welcome researchers including undergraduate and postgraduate students from universities of VNU-HCM to work together in our research projects. Additionally, we provide an excellent environment for students to concentrate on their studies. We would like to cooperate with all domestic and foreign researchers to enhance research results in natural language processing. If you are interested in making any computers understood natural languages, or the structure of natural language, please feel free contact us.